Healing SIBO and Parasites

We passed!! The NYC NTP class did it!  It has been 3 weeks since passing my final for my NTP certification from the NTA! Ah, now what do I do with all my free time?!?!

Well, guess what isn’t resolved? Yup, face rash not gone, still red and getting itchy again!! (yeah the kitchen reno isn’t done either, but I have very little involvement in that)

During finals weekend, we did a ton of functional evaluations (FE) and lingual-neuro testing (LNT).  NTPs are different from other nutritionist and dieticians as we use the FE and LNT to connect with the body to understand your body’s deficiencies and how the relate to your health concerns.  Everyone is different and our body’s systems and functions require different nutrients and co-factors.  No one health issue is the same!  It was pretty amazing to see how supporting the body with different supplements changes the body’s response. Although, the weekend was a whirlwind and not relaxing (not ideal conditions to FE and LNT), I do think I found out a TON of information:

  1. Liver is in stress
  2. Lower quadrants of my small intestine are inflamed
  3. Ileocecal valve is very sensitive
  4. Supplements with sulfur make all the palpations worse – like Berberine and MCS 2
  5. Obvious liver/gallbladder support have no effect – Beta TCP or Beta Plus
  6. Binders did not change my gut – bentonite clay

It was suspected that I could have SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) and possibly a parasite.  They are symbiotic, so usually if you have one, you have both.  I’ve reached my breaking point with this crap.  I need to get the SIBO under control and get rid of the parasite.



But how in the world did I get these? I suspect stress, which I’ll continue to blame on work for unrealistic deadlines and expectations. When chronically stressed, everything else in your body shuts down – especially digestion, immunity, and detoxification.

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is extremely acidic and the normal pH of your stomach is between .3 and 1.5.  That should kill most pathogens, including parasites.  But when we are stressed, the digestion process isn’t initiated, instead our body is in that fight or flight state and HCl isn’t secreted into the stomach.  This allows pathogens to thrive, replicate, and set up a cozy home within your body.

SIBO is an unbalanced bacteria environment within your small intestine.  Our large intestine is filled with bacteria that is required to finish the breakdown and absorption of food as well as produce vitamins that are critical for nourishing the colon.  Undigested foods (due to low HCl) can clog up your digestion system – there’s a valve between your small and large intestines that opens to allow food to travel through to the colon.  However, if we aren’t breaking down our food properly AND eliminating waste, this valve can get clogged. If it is jammed open, bacteria from the colon can move into your small intestine.  Naturally, we do have bacteria in our small intestine but it is different than that the bacterial environment of the colon and relatively low in comparison.


TODAY! I’ve been researching the past 2 weeks all I can.  Honestly, the amount of information out there is overwhelming and I’m not going to be handed the solution on a golden platter.  Everyone is SOOOO different that what works for one person, may very well not work for me.  All I can do is trial and error.  But it would be awesome if I could palpate myself to test supplements and really figure out how to support my body for more efficient and effective solution.  I may have to hit up some fellow NTPs, if only someone was close!

I know I have adrenal and blood sugar dysfunction, but I honestly believe it is due to chronic stress.  I have learned to manage some of it, like work and exercise, but there are still stressors I cannot manage currently <cough> kitchen reno <cough>.  But another form of stress is infection (SIBO/parasites).  Overall, what I eat throughout the day is balanced and healthy.  I do snack, but it is more out of boredom than anything and are not high sugar or processed foods.

As of today, my plan of attack is:

  1. Water & Minerals – need to be hydrated when detoxing to ensure we are eliminating
  2. Increase Vegetables – fiber helps bind toxins and remove them
  3. Health Fats – ensure adequate fat consumption. Bile is made from fat and is the river by which toxins metabolized by the liver are removed from the body
  4. Movement – must move daily, this is obvious, right? It’s winter and busy season. I have plenty of choices and little excuses – CrossFit, yoga, Kingston
  5. Poop – yup, real talk. If we aren’t pooping daily, we are constipated. SIBO and parasites create toxins within the body, I need to ensure my body is eliminating their by-products ASAP and not be given the opportunity to sit in my gut to be reabsorbed in the blood stream and continue this viscous cycle. Also, if undigested food remain carbs will ferment and provide sugars feeding both, NOT WHAT I WANT!

This is where I am starting.  I’m hoping that next week I’ll have more steps I can incorporate.

If anyone out there has any experience with either I’d love to hear what has and has not worked for you.  I’m going to continue to come up with a game plan but this isn’t going to be a quick fix.  This will take weeks and possibly even months to address.