Meet Marissa

Marissa Yee

Hi! I’m Marissa Yee – a wife, a mom of two little adventurers, a foodie, an athlete, and a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). I am passionate about helping individuals manage stress and find balance through food, education, lifestyle shifts, and movement.

How Stress Led Me to FNTP

I worked 10+ years as an auditor and consultant for a small accounting firm outside of Philly. Like most people in the corporate world, work/life balance became a struggle due to work piling up, lack of experienced staff, and deadlines. I became highly stressed and couldn’t find anything to help me manage it. I was drowning, and the stress was impacting my home life. That’s when I knew things needed to change.

In 2014, I volunteered to be part of a 30-day nutritional challenge at my gym. I considered myself healthy since I was athletic and thin. Boy, was I wrong. For 30 days, I followed a zone diet — it was life-changing. I was energetic and clearer-headed and started to see more gains athletically (like muscle tone, faster 5K times, and a PR for most of my barbell lifts). My breakdowns at work disappeared, and my ability to handle day-to-day stressors became manageable. I learned that it’s more about moderation, listening to our bodies, and finding out what’s best for our bodies. More importantly, I found that everyone has a solution that works for their needs, not others.

This newfound passion for using whole foods to create balance and ease made me want to help others like YOU! If you feel burnt out and stressed and want a lifestyle change, I am here to help you be your healthiest and happiest.


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