• Fuel Your Balance

    Holistic Health & Nutritional Therapy

  • Do you have a demanding job?

    A growing list to get done?

    Are you exhausted, unhappy, and stressed?

    Have you tried all the stress management trainings and nothing has worked?


Let’s get that stress and your life back under your control!

Did you know food, lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies and fluidity of our bodies play a major role in stress?!

At Fuel Your Balance (FYB) we believe in consuming food and nutrients, becoming more mindful and present in our lives, and moving our stagnant bodies to fuel our demanding lifestyles.

You are not just your job or career. You are so much more! Outside of work and your to-do lists, you have other passions you would like to have the energy and capacity for without feeling mentally and physically exhausted!

  • But I already know what is healthy!
    I eat healthy, clean food!

    Fantastic! You've conquered step one.

    But did you know that you are not what you eat, but what you DIGEST?!

    FYB is all about the education. We provide you information, resources, and support because the missing piece is how we eat and when. The goal is to ensure you are consuming enough food to support the demands of your life and that you are utilizing all those nutrients instead of wasting money!

    Let's use food to support our demanding lives so we can feel amazing, energized, and sane!


I cannot do the work for you

FYB provides you the education, including resources and support, so that you have the knowledge and tools to become a better you.

The FYB Signature Program was created as an introduction to the work we will do together. It starts at $30 which is a very small investment to see if this is for you. The program is packed with knowledge and resources, in fact, it may be all you need!

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dive deeper | accountability

If you feel you need accountability, dig deeper, or doing it all but something is still off – I am here!

FYB has tools to individualize recommendations and an action plan to meet your goals, including, a detailed questionnaire that assesses over 300 signs and symptoms, analyzing your food journal, a hands-on functional clinical assessment, lingual-neuro testing, and craniosacral fascial therapy. All of these tools allow us to customize support for you! From food and supplemental support to address possible nutrient deficiencies to including more movement to lifestyle shifts to bring more joy in to your life.

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