Were you told if you breastfed your baby, the baby weight would fall right off?

Are you cutting calories to try to lose the baby weight, but not moving the scale in the direction you want?

Since the day you hit the 6 week mark, have you been hitting the gym hard and while you see some changes, things still aren’t back to where they were before baby?

Has it been years since your child was born, but your energy still hasn’t returned to where it was or you want it to be?

Have you had multiple babies, with each one you feel more and more tired, drained, and a shell of you?

Do you feel like every day takes an emotional toll on you?



Our modern world has created unnecessary pressure on you to do it all – at home, for your partner, for your little humans, at work, and for yourself – all while looking model ready living in your pristine home.

While this may have been easy to do when you didn’t have little humans 100% relying on you, it is getting harder and taking a toll on you mentally, physically, emotionally, and your relationships.

Being a mama is one of the most rewarding things humans can experience, but it can also be isolating.

What if I told you, it isn't all in your head?!

Pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding (if you decide to) take a toll on your body as they are nutrient demanding biological processes. And for the most part, all you were told is to take a prenatal and you will have your basis covered.


No, mama. It is not your fault. You did what you could based on what you knew.

But I am over here, infuriated for you, because it is no wonder why you are left at the bottom while you put everyone ahead of your needs. It is not only in your head.

I see you!

What is most likely going on?

You are depleted of nutrients that your body requires to operate at its fullest potential providing you energy, emotional stability, and not in starvation mode (storing fat away).


Carrying, delivering, and raising humans takes a toll on you – nutritionally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. All the while you feel exhausted, defeated, a shell of yourself, and alone.

It isn’t right.

You are the backbone of your family as well as the community. All while the expectation by society is that you will do it all with a smile on your face, perfectly, and without complaints.

But who is taking care of you?!

Not you! You are putting everyone before your needs.

That needs to stop now!

It is time for you to prioritize yourself so you are full of energy, fulfillment, and joy. So you have the stamina and mental capacity to conquer the day without sacrificing yourself.

It is not selfish!

Contrary, everyone surrounding you will benefit from your energy, productivity, patience, and support.

Mama, I see you
Mama, you are not alone
Mama, you are not forgotten.
Mama, you deserve to feel amazing day in and day out – more often than not.
Let’s jumpstart this journey together to rediscover who you are!

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