• "let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

    Hello + Welcome

    My name is Marissa Yee, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, wife, and mama to 2 wild things. I strongly believe in the power of food to manage stress and support our demanding lifestyles.

    I am a recovering perfectionist, type A, people pleaser who left a 11-year career as a CPA focusing on audit and have never been happier losing my 6-figure salary. Why? I think it is a crime that we prize the daily hustle, grind, and high stress while further kicking us into the ground becoming exhausted, unhappy with no joy, and in pain to achieve a financial goal that we strive for but in reality will never be enough while crushing our souls.

    While successful careers can certainly be fulfilling, for many women it means stripping us of our intuition, numbing us by the overwhelming stress, and riding an emotional rollercoaster because we are overwhelmed with responsibilities and meeting everyone's expectations.

    The hustle and grind doesn't align with our hormones, you are not crazy! We are missing the support we desperately need!

    Besides geeking out how to manage stress and finding vibrancy, you can find me outside on the trails, near/on bodies of water, soaking in the sunshine, trying to return to athlete status and cooking delicious meals for my loved ones.

    Hello + Welcome
  • All about the why...

    What is Nutritional Therapy?

    First, let's get out of the way that as a FNTP, I do not diagnose or treat the body.

    The basics
    Nutrition focuses on the body's interaction with food..

    Nutrients are chemical substances (like vitamins and minerals) contained in food that are necessary to sustain life, such as providing energy (calories), contributing to the body's structure, and regulating + assisting in body processes (e.g. hormones).

    The magic
    Nutritional Therapy evaluates the nutritional needs + imbalances of a client to support the body by optimizing the body's organs + systems. This is primarily done by prioritizing the Foundations, dietary changes, + creating new lifestyle habits.

    Supplements are used on as needed basis to achieve a client's goals. At FYB, supplements are seen as support (reminding the body what is is supposed to do), repair (specific purpose needed to assist the body return to homeostasis), or co-factor (nutrients needed to maintain homeostasis).

    FYB Foundations
    - Consuming nutrient-dense, whole foods
    - Digestion: Breaking down, absorbing + utilizing the nutrients we eat to support our body's processes + function
    - Blood Sugar Regulation: Manage emotional + physiological stress to provide steady, consistent energy all day long
    - Fatty Acids: Utilizing + balance of fats for fuel, structure, + healing
    - Mineral Balance: Balance + utilizing macro + micro minerals to catalyst body processes
    - Hydration: Supplying cells + tissues with sufficient water for nutrient absorption + body function
    - Stress Management

    You wouldn't want cracks in your home's foundation. It is the same with your body. Without having the foundations solidly in place, your body isn't protected as it should be and therefore is not thriving as it could be.

    What is Nutritional Therapy?
  • Coaching

    It is not all about food, but about your daily habits + how you think about yourself. I help you create sustainable habits that get you to where you want to be in a year, 3 years, 5 years, + so on.

    Along the way we will most likely have to address your thoughts + feelings around new habits and/or changes so that you don't self-sabotage.

    I am ultimately here to support you + encourage you.

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    I want to hear about what is going on, what you've tried, and your experience. Nothing is TMI. I'll briefly explain how your symptoms are tied to the Nutritional Therapy Foundations, link back to your health goals, and how my Nutritional Therapy program can support you and get you to achieving your health goals.

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