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We will schedule a video consultation to talk in depth about your health goals and concerns. Tell me all about your experience! I want to know exactly what is going on, how long this has been bothering your, what you have tried, what has worked and has not. There is no detail too small or TMI. Here we will discuss your options moving forward.

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Services available

Nutritional Therapy Consultation


  • Health history review
  • Food journal analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Personalized nutrition supplement and lifestyle recommendations


Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA) [in-person only] / Metta Muscle Testing Method (MMTM) [virtual]

Utilizes the body’s innate intelligence by dialing into your body’s specific nutritional deficiencies to further customize your personalized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations.

FCA – This is done by palpating (applying pressure) to certain points on the body that correspond with glands, organs, or systems.

MMTM – This is muscle testing by proxy where I will be able to muscle test remotely.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

This is a screening test providing a snapshot of the mineral content of the hair to reveal what is occurring within your cells at the time of hair growth and development. Minerals are our body’s spark plugs! They are involved in every reaction and process within our body. Unfortunately, stress can throw the balance of minerals out of whack (specifically, pregnancy).

More details about the process and answers to your possible hair questions, click here.


Supplement Review

There is an array of products available to us today. However, did you know that most supplements are synthetic, made by man in a lab? These synthetic forms of minerals, vitamins, etc. are not recognizable by our cells requiring them to be converted to an usable form or eliminated as a toxin, both requiring precious energy to do so. As a Functional Supplement Specialist, I can review your current supplements and provide information to you regarding the quality of the supplement and provide recommendations.

Blood Chemistry

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Package #1

FYB Nutritional Therapy Consultation with FCA / MMTM and HTMA

For the individual who would like to understand what is going on & receive personalized recommendations, but prefers the freedom to follow & implement the recommendations at their own pace. With this package you will receive:

  • Health history review
  • Food journal analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • Functional Clinical Assessment (hands-on, if in person / muscle testing, if remote)
  • Personalized nutrition, supplement, & lifestyle recommendations

How it works:

  1. Paperwork must be completed a minimum of 48-hours prior to our first session
  2. Full cycle of HTMA takes about 1 month (send sample kit to you, you obtain hair sample and send it to the lab, lab analysis and send me results)
  3. Two meetings will occur once paperwork and HTMA results are received:
    • 1-hour for FCA / MMTM
    • 90-minutes to review results and recommendations


As of mid-May, I am not accepting new clients as baby #2 is due at the end of June. Will be returning fall 2022, those on the waitlist will get priority to limited spots available.