My Passion for Nutrition and Food

A friend asked me yesterday why I am here, what am I passionate about, why do I love food and nutrition?

And I realized that for many of you, you may not know my story and what fueled me to be where I am today. So if you want to learn more about my journey, how corporate America pushed me into food and nutrition, and why I am passionate about helping others manage their stress through simple shifts in food and lifestyle I hope you watch the video below. It is filled with heart and emotion that cannot be conveyed through writing.

I just want to help the women out there, specifically mamas because I totally get the stress, parenting is hard as hell. I want to help you have the energy, the mental capacity, the strength, the will power to get through a day but not just get through it, fully enjoy it because it is possible! Stress sucks! Being anxious sucks! Being frustrated is terrible! Being at your wits end and so frustrated that you are beyond tears, wondering how are you going to get through the day and be able to do this?! Know that it is possible!

Wishing you all the best!

<3 Marissa