The One Supplement You Will Find in my Medicine Cabinet (or Fridge)

For about the past 3 years I have become die hard about one supplement for my family.


It has been miraculous to see the transformation that occurs – healing happens quick!


A friend tipped me off about this when I had sliced my thumb with a knife while cutting vegetables.


A few weeks later I did it again but it was on my palm.


My sister sliced her hand while cutting food and it helped her.


My son flipped over the handlebars of his bike and skid on his face across rocks.


My go to, must have for all wound healing now is royal jelly!


Royal jelly has become an unexpected staple in my medicine cabinet (it is actually stored in the fridge) after my knife incidents because both deep cuts, that borderline needed stiches, were functional in a few days to a week and healed basically completely within 2 weeks!


My son’s face (below) was scraped bad and of course worried about scarring but was healed in under a week!


What is royal jelly?

Royal jelly is what nourishes the queen bee and bee larvae up til the 3rd day of their life.


I’m focusing on wound healing here because that is what I use it for, but go ahead and dive deeper into Royal jelly, it is a powerhouse of nutrition that can benefit a variety of different ailments.


Why do I love it for wound healing?

It is loaded with the raw materials needed to repair skin.


Royal jelly is abundant of proteins and amino acids.


Proteins are broken down into amino acids and amino acids are the building blocks of tissues!


Royal jelly also is full of vitamins, including B vitamins; minerals, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, sulfate, and zinc; enzymes, phenolics, and fatty acids, mainly medium chain fatty acids.


Royal jelly has been shown to significantly improves tissue repair and increase collagen production, both a factor in skin health!


A few studies to check out on royal jelly:


Difference between royal jelly and honey?

There are probably more than this but I’m focusing on what I know first-hand.


Royal jelly is bitter AF. To give to my son I had to do half royal jelly and half honey.


Raw honey that is unprocessed includes royal jelly and so much more.


Where do you get it?

The product we use is Y.S. Eco Bee Farms 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly (which unfortunately we haven’t been able to find lately and is great for littles who cannot swallow pills) or their Royal Jelly Capsules (this is dried Royal Jelly). You can find Y.S. Eco Bee Farms products at Kimberton Whole Foods and Amazon.


I sent my sister Now’s Royal Jelly and that worked well for her!


These supplements you will take orally. The purpose is to provide the body the raw material to heal the wound, this is done from the inside out.


You can search your local grocery store too for any 100% raw honey that is unprocessed. It will include royal jelly. You can also use this topically.


Beekeeper’s Naturals’ Superfood Honey is also an option.


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