Stop Guessing What Supplements you Need!

Have you ever taken a multi-vitamin or B complex that made you feel horrible?

Do you take digestive enzymes but still bloat?

Are you taking 20+ supplements because you’ve heard about all the great benefits, but unsure if you actually notice a difference?


What if I told you I have a way to eliminate the guess work and identify supplementation that you actually feel different taking?!


The Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA) is a tool I was taught during my Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) Program at the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA).


Phew that was a mouth full but that’s where this all has stemmed from.


Why I love the FCA?

It allows me to communicate with your body to gather valuable information to assess your nutritional needs.


It eliminates the need for expensive testing which doesn’t always tell you exactly what you need.


It identifies organs under stress and allows us to prioritize support for those organs to be the most effective.


In other words, it allows me to identify nutrients that support your stressed out organs help balance and support other organs!


For example, recently I had a client do an hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) which indicated digestive support was needed.


If we were only using the HTMA results I would have recommended supplementing HCl.


Well during the FCA, HCl supplementation actually stressed the stomach more than with no support.


Through a little more digging we identified the stomach actually needed mucosal lining support!


Fantastic because had I recommended HCl supplementation, this client may have actually been in discomfort when taking the supplement because their stomach cannot handle the increase in acidity with a compromised mucosal lining, at this time.


The other side of that was, once we supported digestion we balanced their stress response!


Again their HTMA indicated that they were in a chronic state of stress that has led to exhaustion.


But once we supported their stomach, it actually eliminated their stress!


Stress covers such a broad number of things that actually cause stress for an individual.


Identifying what your number one stressor is key to helping bring balance to the body.


That’s why I freaking love the FCA.


It is unique and can tell you what nutrients your body needs today in order to support your body to meet your health goals.


So how is the FCA conducted?

The client lays on a massage table and I perform a series of palpation points that correlate with organs of the body.


A palpation is a specific point on the body that I apply pressure to in which you provide a rating between 0 and 10 (only pressure to really tender).


Once we have gathered information on all the points we can introduce nutrients to see what nutrients the organs need and which need to be prioritized over others.


Basically we identify which came first, the chicken or the egg, so eliminate having to do all the things and focusing our precious time on habits and supplements that will move the needle the most for you.


Wait explain what the FCA is though

Every organ is surrounded by a network – can be neuro (brain), vascular (blood vessel), or neuro-lymphatic.


When an organ becomes stressed, blood and/or lymph is shunted.


This collection of fluid takes up space at the organ and registers as tenderness in the body.


The points of the FCA were discovered by Frank Champman, D.O., Terence Bennet, D.C., and Robert Riddler, a chiropractor.


But how do you identify what nutrients are needed?

Your body communicates continuously with objects in its biofield.


This isn’t woo woo it is proven that every object has an energy field that interacts with other energy fields.


Your body’s nervous system is constantly scanning the environment.


Information is received and interpreted by the brain to send communication signals through the vagal nerve to your body’s organs.


By introducing a nutrient to the body, we are using the body’s innate ability to discriminate between what it needs, and what it does not need, in order to rebalance a specific problem be it a weak organ or a nutritional deficiency.


And the best part is we don’t have to do more expensive lab testing to see when a supplement is no longer needed.


The body will tell us when it is sufficient.


Have you worked with doctors who’ve ordered all the tests, and say everything looks great?!


And tells you to get more sleep and stop eating so much sweets?


But you still feel like shit and its impossible to sleep more with a little that wakes up multiple times a night!?


You need support!


But your need is different than my need so let’s ask your body what it needs right now to get its vibrancy back.


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