Client’s One Supplement Win

A client came to me a couple of months ago frustrated because although she eats organic and is active she is unable to maintain a healthy weight.


She had done multiple programs promising her to lose the weight but she’s frustrated because it comes back after wrapping up the program!


So she came to me with a few goals but the primary ones being:

  1. Address digestion as gallbladder has been removed
  2. Maintain and/or lose weight


When I asked her which health goal of her was #1 she said “digestion because I think it’ll address the weight.”


WOOHOO!! So happy she said that because it definitely will as I strongly believe the missing piece for her is that she did not and has not received education about her specific circumstances and how they connect to her goals.


And then this happened…


During our latest call she said she had become aware that if she doesn’t bring her supplements with her when she goes out to eat she feels very bloated.




Bloat is inflammation!

Inflammation is a major driver of weight!


The other thing this client noticed is that since her last program ended (not mine) and she’s incorporated fats (it was very low fat, if not fat free as part of her elimination) she hasn’t even gained weight! She’s been maintaining the same weight that she lost throughout the program.


So what’s the difference? What is she doing differently?


She’s specifically addressing her circumstances to optimize her health!


This client had her gallbladder removed almost 10 years ago with zero guidance on diet or what to do.


No information for why she got sluggish, stagnant bile in the first place.


This is my beef!


Western medicine is amazing for this reason, emergency acute situations that need resolution immediately.


There is a time and need for it.


But it completely misses the mark for addressing the root of the problem. Why did this client need to have her gallbladder removed in the first place?!


Why did she have sluggish, stagnant bile?


Removing the organ addressed the immediate problem that was being experienced but not addressing WHY it happened.


So the one shift she made at the first initial contact we had was to implement fat digestion support.


She went out on her own and found it and it has made a major improvement for her as she said above – she notices she bloats without it!


Bloat is coming from her food not being properly digested and when it gets to the small intestines it is irritating the gut and microbes creating inflammation and bloat.


It also helps explain why she is able to lose weight on a program that is eliminating fats or keeps them very low. She’s removing the “problem” that is currently causing the inflammation!


But removing fat doesn’t address the root of why fat is causing inflammation hence why the weight comes back usually when she brings fat back into her diet.


The key for her is that the supplement she chose has bile salts which is critical for her with not having her gallbladder anymore.


The bile salts are responsible for emulsifying (mixing) bile and fats within in the small intestines. Without this emulsification dietary fats and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) are not absorbable(usable) by the body.


I am so thrilled this client identified this experience of going out without her fat digestion supplementation and becoming bloated. It is that more powerful when you become aware of the connections.


What I also loved is that the Functional Clinical Assessment we did to build out her customized protocol confirmed that her liver and gallbladder needed that support to reduce the stress on the gut.


If you are ready to start addressing the root of your problems and stop chasing symptoms with Western medicine, book a free Connection Call today!