Something Clicked

Hi everyone! My name is Marissa and I live outside of Philly.  Throughout my life I have always been active and athletic, from starting ballet at the age of 3, to playing sports every season during grade school and college, to now doing CrossFit a few times a week and training for my next race.

My CrossFit gym has a nutrition challenge every year which is really to get everyone to come together and support one another.  For one month, we clean up our diet and most go the paleo route while the other option is gluten and sugar-free.  The first year I said “screw this”, I thought I ate pretty damn healthy and that there was no point to this torture.  Also, I LOVED my bread, pasta, and rice.  I’ve always been a runner/athlete and I’m used to carb loading before major events (hello, high school pasta parties and eating at Italian restaurants before a half marathon!).  That was 2013.

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