Fuel Your Balance Signature Program

  • Take Your Health to the Next Level

    The Fuel Your Balance Signature Program is packed with health knowledge and designed to provide you with information over 30 days. The information is broken down and put together so you can quickly implement it by creating new, small habits with significant results. Included is an optional 21-day real, whole food challenge – highly encouraged for you to try to experience the change! Best of all, you can start whenever you want!

    Take Your Health to the Next Level

The Details

What’s Included

  1. 30 days of nutritional information
  2. 25+ pages of the 21-day real, whole food challenge information that includes:
    • Ideas for challenge-approved meals and snacks
    • Tips on how to stretch your dollar at the grocery store
    • Healthier swaps for common food items and condiments
    • Favorite grocery items at Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, and Kimberton Whole Foods
  3. Printable handouts
  4. Resources to use from the comfort of your own home
  5. Worksheets to help you stay actively involved and committed
  6. Lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  7. Daily accountability checklist
  8. Guidance on food re-introductions for nine days

 Who Is It For

The FYB Program is for individuals who are looking to:

  1. Be more energetic
  2. Feel more confident
  3. Eliminate jitters, shakiness, dizziness, and lightheadedness
  4. Have less body aches
  5. Reduce or even get rid of sugar cravings
  6. Fall asleep easily
  7. Stay asleep
  8. Eliminate acid reflux and bloating
  9. Learn more about eating healthy
  10. Get rid of using supplements
  11. Create new habits to improve their health
  12. Understand the WHY before making a change


Providing you the tools to free yourself from restriction!

  • Food eliminations
  • How to build a plate
  • Dissecting food labels
  • The lie about calories
  • What cravings tell us
  • Hydration
  • Troubleshooting your energy and mood
  • Why we need protein
  • Truth about carbohydrates
  • Validating fat
  • Understanding blood sugar
  • Digestion is the foundation of your well-being
  • Food sensitivities
  • Explaining leaky gut
  • Impacts of stress
  • Importance of sleep
  • Redefining exercise
  • Food re-introductions
  • Truth about salt
  • Getting honest about coffee
  • Gut-Brain Connection

What Are You Waiting For?

Take the next step towards your health goals today!

Cost: $347.00

Date: Whenever YOU are ready


Erin S.

We were away this weekend and then everyone decided to get sick (except me!) I took the questionnaire again and got a 7 (from a 51). The symptom I didn’t know I had an issue with was my sinuses (I just assumed it was all the dust I hadn’t cleaned up, haha). I have become more mindful about the ingredients in those foods I do buy in packaging and trying to take baby steps to incorporate the snacks I can make for myself (and kids).

Nicole C.

First off, I feel amazing! My starting score was a 38 and ended at 10! My biggest differences were many of my 3/4s are now 0/1s. I feel so much more comfortable, more energy, less headaches, less bloat and my acne cleared up significantly. I definitely learned the importance of having healthy whole snacks / treats available so I don’t throw in the towel and overindulge. For example, I was craving sweets over the weekends so made a ton of date/cacao/almond/egg white and sea salt bites yesterday and froze them to treat myself without building back up my obsession with sugar, but also not feeling like I’m limiting or myself or dieting! I also really enjoyed learning that getting rid of bloat doesn’t have to mean feeling hungry or being in a significant calorie deficit, but can be achieved simply by eating well. Lastly, many meal plans I have followed in the past had such a focus on very low amounts of fat intake so it was interesting to try a new approach and enjoy those healthy fats in my meals (daily poached eggs instead of egg whites was huge for me ??) Overall I really enjoyed learning about how I can adjust my eating habits as well as my family’s and see the effects it has on our overall well being! Thank you Marissa!

Alex T.

The program was awesome. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Successes included lost weight and more comfortable in my own skin; speaking of skin, my complexion is glowing; a newfound awareness of how I was mindlessly snacking and putting crap into my body; more energy and motivation (wasn't even napping anymore); better sleep; more conscious about what I am eating and portions; change in cravings/desired food; and reduced joint pain. When this all started, I planned out all the food I was going to eat my birthday weekend to celebrate but for also "surviving" the challenge. Cheese, charcuterie, penne with vodka sauce, cake, you name it...I was eating it. I wanted it all. But then the weekend came, and to be honest I wasn't looking forward to it/craving it all as much as I had at the beginning. I thought it was going to be this massive glorious feast ... but instead I just felt like poopy after eating. Not sure it was worth it. Yes, I did end the challenge at day 20 in order to indulge, but I found myself excited for all the indulging to be done and get back on track this week. I had some tummy issues at the end of the challenge so I'm trying to figure out what that was. I'm overall making better decisions and living a more comfortable and enjoyable life. Thanks so much for all the knowledge. What you put together is so beneficial and life-changing.

Laura Y.

I think your program is very helpful, and basically easy to follow. Just takes a little discipline and planning. Definitely made me feel better, a lot less joint pain and inflammation and way better sleep.

Susan K.

If you want to connect what you eat with how you feel, I highly recommend the Fuel Your Balance Signature Program. I learned a lot, made lasting changes and feel great! Marissa is knowledgeable, a great cheerleader and an amazing resource.

Ashton O.

With the Fuel Your Balance program, everything clicked for me. The choices I want to make for me and my family are clear and sustainable. Throughout the program my family and I found that nutritionally balanced meals can be flavorful and delicious. It’s about making intentional choices and small changes that result in big differences. We felt more energy, more satisfied and less bloat while never feeling restricted. Marissa is an amazing coach through the whole process and I highly recommend her and this program to anyone wanting to make a lasting, positive change for their life.