FYB Signature Program

Feel like shit, don't have enough energy, and/or stressed AF

Tried all the diets. Count calories or macros. Overwhelmed. Trouble reaching your goals.

The FYB Signature Program is for the individual that wants to take back control of their life.

This is not a handout of take this to get this.

I am providing you the information and tools to feel your absolute best!

There is no one diet or solution that works for everyone. But this program gives you a baseline / foundation and the ability to experience, observe, and pivot as needed throughout life. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, where we were 8 months ago is different than today and where we will be in a year will be different.

Our lives, environment, situations, etc. are constantly changing!

The FYB Signature Program provides YOU the tools to navigate life vibrantly

What is the FYB Signature Program?

The FYB Signature Program is designed to provide information to you over the course of 30 days. It is packed with knowledge all humans have a fundamental right to know. The information is broken down and tied together for you to implement into your life. You’ll receive handouts, resources, and lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

An optional 21-day real, whole food challenge is incorporated.

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January 2021 Session


The Details


  • Daily emails for 30 days loaded with knowledge
  • 25+ pages of information provided 1 week before the program to prepare you for the 21-day real, whole food challenge, including:
    • Ideas for challenge-approved meals and snacks
    • Tips on how to stretch your dollar at the grocery store
    • Swaps for common food items and condiments
    • Favorite grocery items at Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, and Kimberton Whole Foods
  • Printable handouts
  • Resources to troubleshoot from the comfort of your own home
  • Lifestyle & supplement recommendations
  • Daily accountability checklist
  • Group support via Practice Better (my practice’s management platform)
  • Zoom Q&As


  • Meal plans from me

I provide resources to help you with this. It would be a disservice to provide you a plan for the 21-days. You need to learn how to do this for yourself, without me.

  • Individual assistance

This program is the foundation for working with me one-on-one. This is step 1. Often by supporting our body’s functions at the most basic level will address those pesky symptoms you are experiencing. If further help is needed, please see FYB Nutrition Coaching services.

Benefits Experienced

words from past participants

By Day 3

Not bloated

Feeling full all day

Reduced snacking

Breast milk supply increased

By Day 11

Body is balancing out

No longer feel bloated / over full

No more cravings

Sleep is much better

Less joint pain

More energy

Feel “lighter”

At the end

Stronger immune system

More energy

Less headaches

Acne cleared up


Aware of what is consumed, or lack of, effects energy and mood

Topics Covered

The program empowers you!

  • Food eliminations
  • How to build a plate
  • Dissecting food labels
  • The lie about calories
  • What cravings tell us
  • Hydration
  • Troubleshooting our energy and mood
  • Why we need protein
  • Truth about carbohydrates
  • Validating fat
  • Understanding blood sugar
  • Digestion is the foundation to our well-being
  • Food sensitivities
  • Explaining leaky gut
  • Impacts of stress
  • Importance of sleep
  • Redefining movement
  • Food reintroductions
  • Truth about salt
  • Getting honest about coffee
  • Gut-Brain connection

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January 2021 Session


End Game is

To Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

We all have a choice. We make better choices when we have information. The FYB Signature Program provides you the education you never received in order to empower yourself to create the life you want to experience.

By signing up you’ll:

Create more consistency in eating habits

Model healthy food choices for your family / children / babies

Become more creative with your meals and cooking

Prioritize self in order to show up for those important in your life

Learn how what you consume effects areas of your life, like stress, sleep, and overall health so you can function at your best!


Available Tracks

There are 3 tracks available to suit your needs of support

This information is foundational to the well being of humans and I wholeheartedly believe we have been wronged by not knowing this from day 1 of our lives. Not day 1, but you know what I mean. Health starts with the mother, the health of the mother is reflected in the baby, and more often than not the primary caretaker is responsible for planning, shopping, and prepping the meals for the household. What we consume affects our body’s physiology which affects how we feel. I want this information to be accessible as small, simple pivots can make profound impacts on our daily lives.

Track One

Track One

Emails Only
No additional group support

Track Two

Track Two

Group Support
+ Emails
Limited to 25 participants

Track Three

Track Three

3 1-hour Zoom Q&A
+ Group Support
+ Emails
Limited to 15 participants
Zoom calls will be scheduled Wednesdays from 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Dates: 1/6, 1/20, and 2/3

Program Dates

The next FYB Signature Program will run starting Monday, January 11th through Tuesday, February 9th of 2021

Registration deadline is Sunday, January 3rd

Participants will receive introduction packet covering all the details of the 21-day real, whole food challenge on Monday, January 4th. The challenge will start the same day as the program – Monday, January 11th


What People are Saying

Erin S.

We were away this weekend and then everyone decided to get sick (except me!) I took the questionnaire again and got a 7 (from a 51). The symptom I didn’t know I had an issue with was my sinuses (I just assumed it was all the dust I hadn’t cleaned up, haha). I have become more mindful about the ingredients in those foods I do buy in packaging and trying to take baby steps to incorporate the snacks I can make for myself (and kids).

Nicole C.

First off, I feel amazing! My starting score was a 38 and ended at 10! My biggest differences were many of my 3/4s are now 0/1s. I feel so much more comfortable, more energy, less headaches, less bloat and my acne cleared up significantly. I definitely learned the importance of having healthy whole snacks / treats available so I don’t throw in the towel and overindulge. For example, I was craving sweets over the weekends so made a ton of date/cacao/almond/egg white and sea salt bites yesterday and froze them to treat myself without building back up my obsession with sugar, but also not feeling like I’m limiting or myself or dieting! I also really enjoyed learning that getting rid of bloat doesn’t have to mean feeling hungry or being in a significant calorie deficit, but can be achieved simply by eating well. Lastly, many meal plans I have followed in the past had such a focus on very low amounts of fat intake so it was interesting to try a new approach and enjoy those healthy fats in my meals (daily poached eggs instead of egg whites was huge for me 🙌🏻) Overall I really enjoyed learning about how I can adjust my eating habits as well as my family’s and see the effects it has on our overall well being! Thank you Marissa!

Alex T.

The program was awesome. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Successes included lost weight and more comfortable in my own skin; speaking of skin, my complexion is glowing; a newfound awareness of how I was mindlessly snacking and putting crap into my body; more energy and motivation (wasn't even napping anymore); better sleep; more conscious about what I am eating and portions; change in cravings/desired food; and reduced joint pain. When this all started, I planned out all the food I was going to eat my birthday weekend to celebrate but for also "surviving" the challenge. Cheese, charcuterie, penne with vodka sauce, cake, you name it...I was eating it. I wanted it all. But then the weekend came, and to be honest I wasn't looking forward to it/craving it all as much as I had at the beginning. I thought it was going to be this massive glorious feast ... but instead I just felt like poopy after eating. Not sure it was worth it. Yes, I did end the challenge at day 20 in order to indulge, but I found myself excited for all the indulging to be done and get back on track this week. I had some tummy issues at the end of the challenge so I'm trying to figure out what that was. I'm overall making better decisions and living a more comfortable and enjoyable life. Thanks so much for all the knowledge. What you put together is so beneficial and life-changing.

Who is this NOT for?

I do not like excluding people but there are a few points worth noting:

If you are looking for a quick fix or fast weight loss solution

I believe humans are omnivores, benefiting from both plant and animal sources. You must be open to consuming animal products, like eggs and seafood. The program could be adapted for vegetarians, but would not serve vegans.

^^All this being said, everyone could benefit from the information shared^^

You must be willing to read. Daily information varies from 1 – 3 pages any given day.

You must be willing to put in the work. The program requires you to slow down, cook your meals at home (the program does provide resources on meal delivery services), and observing the changes that you experience.

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January 2021 Session