The Process

Most people have never heard of nutritional therapy before, so here’s a breakdown of the process so you know what you are getting into!

  • Pre-Requisite of working together 1-on-1

    FYB Signature Program

    It is highly encouraged that all clients first participate in the FYB Signature Program. Why? This is so you know what you are getting into. Nutritional therapy requires work on your end. There are no quick fixes in order to achieve our goals! It took a long time to get here and you can't snap your fingers to get out of it.

    The program provides insight into the nutritional therapy foundations of consuming real, whole foods, digestion, blood sugar regulation, hydration, fatty acid balance, and stress management.

    This requires commitment from you and $30 is a small investment to see if nutritional therapy is how you can start managing your stress in a sustainable and practical way that can be applied is all facets of your life.

    FYB Signature Program Information Notify Me of Next Program Launch
    FYB Signature Program
  • Paperwork

    Working 1-on-1

    You have decided to take the leap and invested in getting down to the root cause of your stress!

    All nutritional therapy consultations begin with an intake, this allows us to get to know you better and have a conversation about your experiences.

    The following is required to be filled out by you and returned 48 hours prior to our first meeting, the initial intake:
    - health history
    - recording a minimum of four days what you ate, drank, experienced, etc.
    - 300+ questionnaire regarding signs and symptoms you experience in the last month

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    Working 1-on-1
  • Let's Chat

    Initial Intake Meeting

    The first time we meet, virtual or in-person, is the 60 minute initial intake meeting. At this time we'll review the paperwork you completed, discuss your goals and experiences, and answer any questions either of us have.

    This meeting provides 2 purposes: for you to express your goals and experiences and be heard and for me to better understand where you are coming from so that we can customize recommendations and a plan forward that will make you successful!

    This is all about teamwork!

    Initial Intake Meeting
  • In-Person Clients Only

    Functional Clinical Assessment and Lingual-Neuro Testing

    The Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA) and Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT) is only available for in-person clients, must be willing to travel to Phoenixville, PA. This is a 60 minute session that can either be tacked onto the initial meeting or a few days later.

    This is where the magic happens as we move through specific palpations to identify nutritional deficiencies and imbalances (FCA). You are able to experience the shifts in your body, as we test specific nutrients to see what will best support you at this time (LNT)!

    What makes the FCA unique is that we use your body's innate intelligence, it's inner wisdom, to tell us specifically what it is it needs. And you get to feel that experience! It removes the guess work and wasting money on items that are not beneficial at this time.

    FAQS on FCA and LNT
    Functional Clinical Assessment and Lingual-Neuro Testing
  • Personalized Nutrition, Supplement, & Lifestyle


    48 hours after either your Initial Meeting or FCA/LNT session we will have a 30 minute meeting to discuss your recommendations. This can be virtual or in-person.

    Recommendations will be based on previous discussions during the Initial Meeting, additional research, and/or what we discovered during the FCA/LNT session.

    We discuss all recommendations to ensure you are comfortable and understand them as well as agree and commit to implementation. If there is something you don't think will work, we can find a replacement as there are always options, it is a matter of finding what will work best for you so you can implement new habits and create a sustainable lifestyle.

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  • Continue Support


    Everyone operates differently, so you have options.

    First, you could complete what has already been discussed and be good to go! You may not need my help again.

    If you feel like you ever need another check-in, there are follow-ups available.

    If you feel good about the recommendations but think you could use a little more help or support while implementing, monthly email support is available. This is unlimited support to answer any questions that may arise or simply to keep you accountable. Responses will be made during business hours only (9am - 5pm EST).

    2 packages are available - 3 and 6-month. The only difference is the number of follow-up meetings included which is 3 or 6 60-minute meetings, which are scheduled about monthly. Based on whether FCA/LNT is selected, either the 300+ questionnaire be completed ahead of time or the FCA/LNT will be conducted, both are to track progress and update recommendations. Unlimited email support is included.