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Complimentary Discovery Call

Is Nutritional Therapy Right for Me?

FREE – 20 minutes (new clients only)

Feel free to ask me any questions and find out how nutritional therapy can help you! I want to learn what you are going through, discuss the challenges you are experiencing, & understand your health goals. This call will help both of us determine if we will be a good team!

Nutritional Coaching


FYB Nutritional Therapy Consultation – $389

For the individual who would like to understand what is going on & receive personalized recommendations, but prefers the freedom to follow & implement the recommendations at their own pace. With this package you will receive:

  • Health history review
  • Food journal analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Personalized nutrition, supplement, & lifestyle recommendations

This happens over the course of at least a week, depending on yours and my availability. You’ll receive the paper work via email, return the completed paper work to me at least 48 hours prior to our first meeting. At the first meeting we’ll discuss your health concerns and review your paper work, this helps me gather more information to better serve you. We will hold another meeting to go over your personalized recommendations to ensure you understand them before you implement them.


FYB Monthly Package – $249 (minimum of 3 month commitment)

This 30-day package provides on-going support, accountability, & tracking throughout the month to help you achieve your health goals. You decide how long we work together & what works for your schedule. With this package you will receive:

  • FYB Nutritional Therapy Consultation
  • Weekly in-person or video conference sessions for accountability, track your progress, & discuss any questions
  • Unlimited support via e-mail/text, if you have questions

Note there is a 3 month commitment required up-front. After 3 months, you decide if we continue on a monthly basis.


FYB Session Packages – Price upon inquiry & based on type of package preferred

Need support & accountability but not weekly? Packages are available to include follow-up consultations. Purchasing a package saves you money & allows you to dictate the pace. With this package you will receive:

  • FYB Nutritional Therapy Consultation
  • A pre-defined number of follow-up consultations to be used as you wish

Additional Services

Function Clinical Assessment (FCA)

The FCA is the hands-on component of Nutritional Therapy, complementing any service offered. By utilizing the body’s innate intelligence, the FCA dials into your body’s specific nutritional deficiencies to further customize your personalized nutrition, supplement, & lifestyle recommendations. ¬†This is available only to local in-person clients.

Purchased with a service $78. Purchased individually $229.

Follow-up Consultation – $169

This is for clients who have purchased a Nutritional Therapy Consultation and want to check-in on their progress, ask questions, gain additional information, next steps or new recommendations. The follow-up consultation is a one-hour meeting, providing additional time afterwards for me to research and/or customize new recommendations, and a 30-minute meeting to communicate new information.


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