Nourishing Moms to Thrive

Through education, nutrition, and movement

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*Calls will take place in early August 2021. Feel free to ask us anything regarding new roadblocks you are experiencing, any shifts in symptoms, and/or changes to your protocol!


Early bird special valid today through March 25th


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Were you told if you breastfed your baby, the baby weight would fall right off?

Are you cutting calories to try to lose the baby weight, but not moving the scale in the direction you want?

Since the day you hit the 6 week mark, have you been hitting the gym hard and while you see some changes, things still aren’t back to where they were before baby?

Has it been years since your child was born, but your energy still hasn’t returned to where it was or you want it to be?

Have you had multiple babies, with each one you feel more and more tired, drained, and a shell of you?

Do you feel like every day takes an emotional toll on you?



Our modern world has created unnecessary pressure on Moms to do it all – at home, for their partner, for their little humans, at work, and for themselves – all while looking model ready living in their pristine home.

While this may have been easy to do when little humans were not 100% relying on you, it is getting harder and taking a toll on you mentally, physically, emotionally, and your relationships.

Being a Mom is one of the most rewarding things humans can experience, but it can also be isolating.

What if we told you, it isn't all in your head?!

Pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding (if you decide to) take a toll on your body as they are nutrient demanding biological processes. And for the most part, all you were told is to take a prenatal and you will have your basis covered.


No, Mom. It is not your fault. You did what you could based on what you knew.

But we are over here, infuriated for you, because it is no wonder why you are left at the bottom while you put everyone ahead of your needs. It is not only in your head.

We see you!

What is most likely going on?

You are depleted of nutrients that your body requires to operate at its fullest potential providing you energy, emotional stability, and not in starvation mode (storing fat away).


Carrying, delivering, and raising humans take a toll on you – nutritionally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. All the while you feel exhausted, defeated, a shell of yourself, and alone.

It isn’t right.

You are the backbone of your family as well as the community. All while the expectation by society is that you will do it all with a smile on your face, perfectly, and without complaints.

But who is taking care of you?!

Not you! You are putting everyone before your needs.

That needs to stop now!

It is time for you to prioritize yourself so you are full of energy, fulfillment, and joy. So you have the stamina and mental capacity to conquer the day without sacrificing yourself.

It is not selfish!

Contrary, everyone surrounding you will benefit from your energy, productivity, patience, and support.





Nourishing Moms to Thrive was created for you!

We are bringing it back to basics. Making things stupid simple.

Breaking it down to prioritize you and ensuring you receive the nourishment and support you need and deserve.

No gimmicks, no magic solution that is not sustainable.

Instead building a foundation that allows you to thrive and rediscover you!

Not exhausted Mom. But a vibrant woman who is her own person.

With a mix of Nutritional Therapy, including lab testing, and movement this program supports your immediate needs.

Meanwhile, weekly education modules break down how you can continue to nourish and restore yourself. Learn how to keep it sustainable throughout the different seasons of life.

We are building a foundation for you to build upon while addressing your own personal immediate needs to see results quicker – gaining energy and kicking ass with more patience.

Why 3 months?

You did not get to where you are overnight. It may even seem forever ago that you felt absolutely amazing.

This program isn’t a twitch of the nose or a snap of the fingers to instantly be Rockstar Mom.

We are working from the bottom up and it takes time as it did for you to get where you are currently. But you will experience shifts quickly but it is all about the long game, sustainability so we don’t yo-yo.

This program is about education, addressing your nutrient deficiencies, getting you to move your body, and weaving in habits into your daily life that’ll feel natural and sustainable to you.

Our work together over 3-months will keep you motivated, give you a sounding board for your frustrations, and our favorite part, celebrate with you the tiny victories along the way!

Mom, we see you
Mom, you are not alone
Mom, you are not forgotten.
Mom, you deserve to feel amazing day in and day out – more often than not.
Let’s jumpstart this journey together to rediscover who you are!



Your Coaches


Marissa from Fuel Your Balance is a Mom of a wild almost 2-year old!

She found her passion in Nutritional Therapy while trying to manage her stress during her career in IT Audit. Her life was fueled by stress and crashed when not moving. Marissa hit rock bottom emotionally with a week long breakdown. But it was through food and lifestyle changes she was able to take control of her life again. Although, she will always be a recovering perfectionist and type a.

Becoming a Mom she recognized a gap between society expectations, information communicated, and reality when it came to mother’s health. Marissa witnessed other Moms around her struggling, exhausted, under fed, stressed out, and mentally tapped out.

Marissa now helps Moms rediscover themselves through food and replenishing the body with nutrients so Moms experience balanced energy, mind, and sprit. Without it Moms are left frazzled, irritable, at their wits end, and exhausted.






SARA MILNER, Certified Personal Trainer, Movement and Mobility Coach, FNTP

Sara from Salt & Iron is a certified personal trainer and movement and mobility coach. She loves teaching people how to move properly to prevent injury and pain, and if you’re in pain or moving poorly, helping you to activate the proper muscles to move better and get out of pain.
Sara became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to learn how to help people learn how to nourish their whole selves. Understanding that it’s more than the work you put in at the gym and even what’s on your plate, she takes a look at the whole picture when working with individuals to help them recognize what their specific body needs.








Both Marissa and Sara are Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP) looking at health from a holistic standpoint as everything is connected, including nutrition, lifestyle / habits, and movement. Nutritional Therapy identifies and prioritizes nutritional deficiencies and imbalances within the body to support the optimal functioning of the body’s systems and processes so you feel energized and good in your body.

Who is this for?

Moms who are feeling:

  • Feel tired / fatigued
  • Tried all the things to get the results you want
  • Mentally and/or physically exhausted
  • Want to feel like a human
  • Want community and support
  • Brain fog / checked out
  • Want to be healthier
  • Make healthier choices for the family
  • Have no time
  • Lost, don’t know where to start
  • Overwhelmed by information out there
  • Need recipes / tips / tricks
  • Don’t want to spend a fortune
  • Feel impatient
  • Feel weak, blah, gross
  • Feel stiff, achy, sore

Moms who want to achieve:

  • Vibrancy
  • No more bloat
  • Lighter and looser
  • More patience
  • Stronger
  • Clothes fit better
  • More energy
  • Mental clarity
  • No more heartburn
  • Glowing skin
  • Understand how food impacts energy, mood, and reactions
  • Fulfilled
  • Less congestion
  • Stable mood
  • Feel like yourself again
  • No dieting / food restrictions
  • Happiness



– 12 weeks of education give you insight to what your body needs.
– Support habit changes with food and lifestyle to obtain your desired results.
– Learn how food and our environment impacts your energy, body, mood, and reactions.
– Create and successfully implement small, incremental habits that make a profound difference in your daily life.
– Tips and tricks for getting the results you desire.





– Customized protocols for you based on your signs and symptoms related to digestive, energy, mood, etc.; health history, lifestyle, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) lab results.
– Protocols include how to eat based on if you are a fast or slow metabolizer; lifestyle recommendations to support your goals; and food and supplement recommendation to incorporate.
– 2 private meetings with your coaches – one at the beginning to understand your health goals to assist with your customized protocol and one towards the end of the program
– 15% discounts on supplements.




– 24 live classes of movement to ensure you are moving your body, opening up, releasing tension, and gaining strength.
– Classes are twice a week for 30 minutes.
– Starting foundationally with movement to ensure form and technique as we progress through the weeks.
– Includes mobility, soft tissue work, yoga, and workouts that will help you feel energized.






– This is a group program; meaning you’ll meet other moms who have the same goal as you! We are better together hence, everything is conducted as a group except the customized protocols.
– As a group we will celebrate, motivate each other, discuss things that are and aren’t working, and share success stories.
– Building a community of likeminded moms is one of the core strengths of this program, everyone will have an opportunity to share tips, tricks, sales, finds, etc.






– 6 live 1-hour group Q&As with your coaches every two weeks.
– We will go over content released to further solidify understanding.
– We love answering questions so never be afraid to ask a question! You most likely are not the only one thinking it and it could be helping out a fellow Mom.






– Will have carefully curated a list of experts who will host live to share their wisdom regarding topics beneficial to Moms and their health.








Kick off call: Sunday, April 11, 2021

Last day: Saturday, July 3, 2021



Why Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy addresses the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing and underlying nutrient imbalances and deficiencies so that you can start feeling better than you have in a long time and live vibrantly.

The foundations for Nutritional Therapy are nutrient dense, real, whole foods; hydration; digestion; blood sugar regulation; fatty acids; and mineral balance. Any imbalances within those 6 foundations can impact our energy, hormones, fertility, immune system, heart, brain, thyroid and adrenal function.

Movement and mindset are key factors as well!

Recognizing what works for you as there is no one solution that works for everyone.

While society has normalized many symptoms because they may be common, it does not mean it is normal!

Why lab testing?

Marissa is trained in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), which is an analytical test measuring the mineral content of the hair (A sample is obtained by cutting the first inch and one-half of growth closest to the scalp at the nape of the neck). HTMA is the simplest and painless tissue biopsy available.

HTMA provides a unique look at the metabolic function within your body, specifically your cells. While blood is the carrier of nutrients, the inside of the cell is where the action takes place.

Unfortunately, our food supply is not as nutrient dense as it was 100 years ago, even 50 years ago. That is due to the health of our soil. While water is life, minerals are the spark plugs that keep it running.

From Trace Elements, Inc.:

  • Zinc is involved in the production, storage and secretion of insulin and is necessary for growth hormones.
  • Magnesium is required for normal muscular function, especially the heart. A deficiency has been associated with an increased incidence of abnormal heart conditions, anxiety and nervousness.
  • Potassium is critical for normal nutrient transport into the cell. A deficiency can result in muscular weakness, mild depression and lethargy.
  • Excess sodium is associated with hypertension, but adequate amounts are required for normal health.

Minerals are the spark plugs that keep our body running. They interact with and influence each other but also vitamins, proteins, carbs, and fats. It is an interconnected web of relationships working together in harmony or imbalances.

Why Movement?

Most of the time we are not moving nearly enough; we sit at work, in the car, on the couch and then we go to bed. With a new little one you may find yourself moving more, or you will soon. When that time comes you might find it hard to get on the floor to play with your kid(s), you might find that its hard to keep up with them when they are bounding all around, you also may find that your pre-baby workouts are no longer feeling good.

We all want to feel strong, full of energy and excited to play with our kid(s). In the movement portion of this course we’ll start very simply and learn how to stand properly, make sure that you’re engaging the proper muscles while moving, release tight and overactive muscles and just move more!

We’ll focus on foundational movements, soft tissue work and yoga.

Cost Breakdown


HTMA Lab Testing

$100 value


Nutritional Therapy, including individualized protocols and 2 30-minute 1-on-1 meetings

$408 value


Unlimited access to coaches and ability to get questions answered over 3-months

$550 value


24 30-minute Personal Training sessions

$960 value


Weekly education

$588 value


6 Bi-weekly Q&As

$714 value


Program valued at $3320

Your Cost





4 monthly payments of $337


Session runs from Sunday, April 11, 2021 through Saturday, July 3, 2021



If you register today, you will receive a bonus 1-on-1 call with your coaches AFTER the program wraps up!

Calls will take place in early August 2021. Feel free to ask us anything regarding new roadblocks you are experiencing, any shifts in symptoms, and/or changes to your protocol!

Early bird special valid today through March 25th


Time commitment will range weekly between 2 and 3 hours a week:

  • 2 30-minute movement classes
  • 1-hour Q&As or Expert presentations
  • 30 minutes to an hour of education videos

A Facebook account, even if you only create one to join this group program.

Phone or computer to access Facebook.

Equipment for movement classes – 3 lacrosse balls and athletic tape OR 1 lacrosse ball and Rogue Gemini (or something similar)

still have questions?

Schedule a call to see if this a good fit for you!

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