Holiday Specials

**Specials through Tuesday, December 12th 11:59 EST**

16-Week Program

16-Week Program with weekly check-ins, all your questions answered along the way, pivot as needed. Includes lab testing (hair + blood).

**must be started by 1/31/2024**



Who this is for? Individuals:

  • Fed up with being exhausted, overwhelmed + stressed and long to have energy + balance, but don’t know how to get there
  • Desire effective + purposeful supplementation
  • Eliminate energy slumps + lack of motivation
  • Overwhelmed by the information obtained from Facebook groups + need guidance on a place to start for quickest results

Program includes:

  • 1:1 support both in-person + virtually
  • Weekly check-in for accountability + Q+As
  • Messaging support between check-ins
  • Customized protocols addressing diet, quality supplementation, lifestyle based on HTMA, blood, and hands-on evaluation (remote option available)
  • Education regarding foundational habits to make sustainable changes towards optimal health


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*4-installment payment plan available.

**limited to the first 5 individuals

Changing our dietary + lifestyle habits, takes time

We need to peel back the layers of the onion to balance our bodies

Single Consultation

Single consultation to kick start your health + identify where to start for the most bang.

HTMA included but Blood is not included

**hair must be submitted to the lab by 1/31/2024**


  • Customized protocol addressing diet, quality supplementation, lifestyle based on HTMA and hands-on evaluation (remote option available)
  • One Zoom check-in between 2 – 4 weeks after results meeting to answer any questions you may have regarding protocol
  • Blood labs can be added for an additional cost


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8-week REBOOT group program

Start transforming your health with micro habits. Meets twice a week virtually

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This is for individuals that:

  • Prefer a food first approach
  • Willing to eat meat
  • Willing to cook
  • Recognizes there is no quick fix to your health problems
  • Open to creating daily habits to create the change you desire
  • Wishes to avoid spending money on supplements that may or may not work
  • Knows self care is a must and will be prioritized
  • Understands this is about taking personal responsibility

May experience:

  • Elimination of most of your health complaints without supplements
  • Reduction in stress
  • Waking up ready for the day
  • Maintaining energy after work
  • Feel more level-headed / stable mood throughout the day
  • Clothes fit better
  • Skin glows
  • Better resiliency through the winter


  • 16 meetings via Zoom
  • Community – sharing this experience with others on the same journey
  • 3-week real, whole food challenge and discover the power of food on your energy + mood
  • Identifying possible food sensitivities
  • Access to electronic Food and Mood Journal
  • Accountability on habit building


  • 90-minute meeting Sundays 1pm – 2:30pm
  • 30-minute Q+As Wednesday 8pm – 8:30pm
  • Start January 7, 2024
  • End February 28, 2024


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